Modern Workforce Security

Keep Aware enables security teams to promote continuous awareness, tackle SaaS risk, and intelligently responds to cyber threats across the business.

Tackle the browser blind spot

A growing number of cyber threats against people, increased regulatory requirements for protecting sensitive data, and the rapid adoption of SaaS technologies have challenged the way businesses secure the workforce.

Experienced security teams know that to secure the business today, you have to start by securing where modern work lives, the web browser. Keep Aware starts by securing the browser blind spot and provides security teams with the visibility and response capabilities needed to challenge the threats that their organization faces every day.

To make things even simpler, Keep Aware deploys directly to the browsers your employees already use such as Chrome, Edge and Firefox – no need to manage another agent.

People-driven threat prevention

People have always been the key pathway to an organization’s critical assets, but the evolution of modern work has made it more accessible for an adversary to attack an organization through its people. Everything we do now happens through a single application – logins, critical data entities, uploads and downloads. The browser is a key component of the attack surface for modern business. Despite the implementation of security controls around the browser, the workforce remains vulnerable to sophisticated, user-facing threats.

With cybersecurity becoming more of a shared responsibility across the organization, Keep Aware embeds indicators and red flags into everyday decisions. This provides employees with real-time security advice and enables them to better identify and avoid phishing, social engineering and data leakage.

Secure the modern workplace

The modern workforce works different. Everything we do happens through a web browser and it is the core of the business. Keep Aware starts by securing this critical application and protects businesses from cybersecurity incidents by identifying workforce risk and embedding security into every employee’s workday.


Simple deployment

Keep Aware deploys directly to the browsers your employees already use. The security team can manage fully customizable patterns and policies from a cloud-native console. It doesn’t get simpler than that.


Privacy-focused, all the time

Every interaction is analyzed on the device, within the browser. There’s no need for complicated SSL decryption or break-and-inspect infrastructure, and no need to tunnel traffic through another third-party.


Beyond perimeter defense

Firewalls and gateways attempt to block the bad and allow the good, but there’s always a way to the user. Keep Aware tackles the gray area in perimeter defense by analyzes the red flags and indicators that make an individual activity suspicious.

Persuasive Technology’s role in Security Awareness

Traditional security awareness methods, such as training programs and simulated phishing campaigns are effective in increasing knowledge and awareness of security risks, but they are not protective.

Safe browsing is only possible when it becomes a deeply ingrained habit, even when the user’s guard is down. By contextualizing risky behaviors with indicators and red flags, Keep Aware seamlessly embeds continuous awareness and training into every work day.

Shadow IT and Workforce risk

As organizations continue to adopt SaaS and cloud-based technologies, it is increasingly important for security teams to have visibility into all of these applications. This includes a clear understanding of where sensitive data is stored or shared, as well as identifying any overlap between personal and work accounts.

Keep Aware provides this visibility to security teams to reduce their SaaS footprint and catalog all SaaS applications being used across the organization. 

Take the simple but powerful approach to training and protecting your employees.

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