The Platform

Addressing user behavior directly

Experienced security teams know that users will always have the ability to heighten or diminish cybersecurity threats in the work environment. Keep Aware protects the organization with two key techniques:

User Behavior Analytics:  Real behavior analytics comes from analyzing user interactions and understanding the user’s perspective. Monitoring event logs and network connections is only half of the battle.

User Activity Feedback:  Safe browsing is only possible when it’s deeply habitual, even when the user’s guard is down. Keep Aware seamlessly embeds continuous awareness and training into every work day.


A window into modern business

Today’s modern workforce makes maintaining full visibility across the organization a challenge. Keep Aware provides insight at the user interaction level. This means instead of looking through the noise of the entire network, the security team can understand what, how and why a user might be involved in dangerous activity.

The browser is by far the number one used application for business activity. It’s no coincidence that it’s the riskiest application too. Keep Aware focuses on how the user interacts with the browser and analyzes the risk around every activity, providing safe browsing that understands the user and the organization.


Extremely simple, zero hassle web security

Simple deployment

Keep Aware deploys directly to the browsers your employees already use. The security team can manage fully customizable patterns and policies from a cloud-native console. It doesn’t get simpler than that.


Privacy-focused, all the time

Every interaction is analyzed on the device, within the browser. There’s no need for complicated SSL decryption or break-and-inspect infrastructure, and no need to tunnel traffic through another third-party.


Beyond perimeter defense

Gateways and filters block most of the bad, but there will always be a way through. Keep Aware assumes the user can end up in a dangerous situation and calculates risk from their perspective, allowing for improved threat prevention.


Take the simple but powerful approach to training and protecting your employees.

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