The Use Cases

Threat Prevention

With most of our critical business functions taking place through a browser, Keep Aware provides visibility, investigations and intelligent responses to browser based activities. Keep Aware deploys directly to the browsers that the workforce already uses (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) and examines critical activities that lead to phishing, social engineering and data leakage. Our technology focuses on how users interact with the browser and analyzes the risk around every activity.  By understanding normal business practices of the company’s users, Keep Aware is able to prevent suspicious activities such as page visits, logins, uploads and downloads from occurring.

Data Leakage
Malicious Downloads

Detect and analyze Phishing attempts in real time that do not rely solely on safe browsing or intel feeds. Understand the normal interactions within the organization and protect users from uncommon attempts to steal their credentials.


Analyze interactions with the organization’s cloud storage provider and detect the use of other services for sharing files and poor sharing practices. Provide visibility across the organization for typical upload behaviors and attempts to share sensitive information, and inform users on the practices allowed by the organization.


Detect downloads from malicious or risky websites. Give users the ability to make a decision before something unwanted is downloaded and prevent drive-by downloads in the browser.


SaaS and Workforce Risk

As organizations continue to adopt SaaS and cloud-based technologies, it is increasingly important for security teams to have visibility into all of these applications. This includes a clear understanding of where sensitive data is stored or shared, as well as identifying any overlap between personal and work accounts. Keep Aware provides this visibility to security teams to reduce their SaaS footprint and catalog all SaaS applications being used across the organization.

By monitoring for unusual use of company credentials and the overlap between personal and company accounts, Keep Aware helps organizations mitigate the risks associated with shadow IT and ensure the protection of sensitive data.


Security Awareness

Keep Aware is a browser-based web security solution that is built first as a user protection platform. Alerts and Notices are brought first to the end-user’s attention to continuously educate and provide the user with additional judgement before fully conducting a dangerous action. Keep Aware will detect on suspicious activities such as downloading malicious files, visiting deceptive and unauthorized websites and losing sensitive information such as credentials and records.

We believe that safe browsing is only possible when it becomes a deeply ingrained habit, even when the user’s guard is down. By contextualizing risky behaviors with indicators and red flags, Keep Aware seamlessly embeds continuous awareness and training into every work day.