The Use Cases

Zero trust starts with the Workforce

Keep Aware is a browser-based web security solution that is built first as a user protection platform. Alerts and Notices are brought first to the end-user’s attention to continuously educate and provide the user with additional judgement before fully conducting a dangerous action. Keep Aware will detect on suspicious activities such as downloading malicious files, visiting deceptive and unauthorized websites and losing sensitive information such as credentials and records.

User Training & Awareness
Phishing Defense
Data Loss Prevention
Malware / Download Security

Understand which users are most affected by risks in your environment. Properly inform and keep your users aware of the riskiest behaviors and interactions, and form a culture in your organization that drives users to stay educated and report questionable findings on the internet.

Create meaningful user risk reports that involve real metrics and activities opposed to simulated attacks.


Detect and analyze Phishing attempts in real time that do not rely solely on safe browsing or intel feeds. Understand the normal interactions within the organization and protect users from uncommon attempts to steal their credentials.


Analyze interactions with the organization’s cloud storage provider and detect the use of other services for sharing files and poor sharing practices. Provide visibility across the organization for typical upload behaviors and attempts to share sensitive information, and inform users on the practices allowed by the organization.


Detect downloads from malicious or risky websites. Give users the ability to make a decision before something unwanted is downloaded and prevent drive-by downloads in the browser.