Slide Security built into every workday Keep Aware promotes continuous awareness and intelligently responds to cyber threats across the organization. See How

Threats still find a way to your users

Existing solutions try to block the bad and allow the good, but phishing attacks, data loss, social engineering and malware threats will always find a way to your users. Keep Aware responds to these threats in real-time and creates quick moments of targeted training for the users that need it most.

Keep Aware focuses on the user...

Keep Aware is a browser-based security awareness solution that studies user behavior and interactions around threats in the workplace. We create a positive feedback loop between your users and security team to continuously train users on cybersecurity hygiene, create safe habits, and actively step in to prevent incidents.


...and protects the organization

Keep Aware monitors interactions and web traffic, and makes decisions in real-time to mitigate risks. Timely and educational feedback is provided to both the user and the security team. Threat intelligence and advanced content inspection are used to provide accurate insights and detect known and unknown threats.

What we are up against

Every member of an organization is part of the security team, but teaching users to have good security hygiene is difficult. Part of what makes Keep Aware a powerful security tool is that it regularly engages with individual users to improve their security habits and prevent the most dangerous interactions.

Phishing Detection

Credential and sensitive data theft

Data Loss

Unmonitored sensitive files uploads and bad sharing practices


Drive-by downloads and intentional downloads from illegitimate websites

Social Engineering

Adversaries using habits against the user


Take the simple but powerful approach to training and protecting your employees.